Table 1

The freshwater fish species composition in the Kowie River catchment. Fish surveys for the current study were conducted between February 2017 and March 2018.

Family Species Status Locality Literature SAIAB Current study
Anabantidae Sandelia bainsii1-7 Native River X X
Anguillidae Anguilla mossambica8,9 Native Dam/River X X X
Anguilla marmorata8,9 Native River X
Anguilla bicolorbicolor9 Native River X
Centrarchidae Lepomis macrochirus# Non-native Dam X X
Micropterus dolomieu9,10 Non-native River X X
Micropterus punctulatus9 Non-native River X X X
Micropterus salmoides9-18 Non-native Dam/River X X X
Cichlidae Oreochromis mossambicus9,19 Extralimital Dam/River X X X
Tilapia sparrmanii# Non-native River X X
Coptodon rendalli* Non-native Dam X
Clariidae Clarias gariepinus20 Non-native Dam/River X X X
Clupeidae Gilchristella estuaria9,10 Native River X X X
Cyprinidae Carassius auratus# Non-native Dam X X
Cyprinus carpio # Non-native Dam X X
Enteromius anoplus21 Native Dam/River X X X
Enteromius pallidus22 Native River X X
Labeo umbratus # Native Dam X
Gobiidae Glossogobius callidus9,10,23,24 Native Dam/River X X X
Monodactylidae Monodactylus argenteus* Native River X
Monodactylus falciformis9,14,23 Native River X X
Mugilidae Mugil cephalus9,10,14,25 Native Dam/River X
Myxus capensis9,10,14,23,25,26 Native Dam/River X X X
Poeciliidae Gambusia affinis9 Non-native River X

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# South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity.

* Current study.

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