Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems - Forthcoming

  • First report of the parasitic copepod Lernaea cyprinacea (Copepoda: Lernaeidae) on gobioid fishes (Teleostei: Gobonellidae) in southern Europe
    Harald Ahnelt, Robert Konecny, Andreas Gabriel, Andreas Bauer, Laura Pompei, Massimo Lorenzoni and Helmut Sattmann
    Accepted: 16/05/2018
  • The first records of the occurrence of a North American invader Gammarus tigrinus Sexton, 1939 in the tributaries of the upper Vistula River
    Iga Lewin, Dariusz Halabowski and Zbigniew Rymarski
    Accepted: 26/04/2018
  • Zooplankton diversity of drainage system reservoirs at an opencast mine
    Anna Maria Goździejewska, Andrzej Robert Skrzypczak, Ewa Paturej and Jacek Koszałka
    Accepted: 10/04/2018
  • Survey of angler's internet posts confirmed the occurrence of freshwater fishes of the genus Ictiobus (Rafinesque, 1819) in natural waters of Czechia
    Lukáš Kalous, Denisa Nechanská and Miloslav Petrtýl
    Accepted: 21/03/2018
  • Phenology of overland dispersal in the invasive crayfish Faxonius immunis (Hagen) at the Upper Rhine River area
    Alexander Herrmann, Adam Schnabler and Andreas Martens
    Accepted: 20/03/2018
  • Vertical distribution of expansive, bloom-forming algae Gonyostomum semen vs. plankton community and water chemistry in four small humic lakes
    Wojciech Pęczuła, Magdalena Grabowska, Piotr Zieliński, Maciej Karpowicz and Mateusz Danilczyk
    Accepted: 20/03/2018
  • Bioassay standardization issues in freshwater ecosystem assessment: test cultures and test conditions
    Vera A. Terekhova, Kirit Wadhia, Elena V. Fedoseeva and Pavel V. Uchanov
    Accepted: 09/03/2018