Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems - Forthcoming

  • Research Paper Brown trout in Japan - Introduction history, distribution and genetic structure
    Patrick Berrebi, Saša Marić, Aleš Snoj and Koh Hasegawa
    Accepted: 20/01/2020
  • Mass appearance of the Ponto-Caspian invader Pontogammarus robustoides in the River Tisza catchment: bypass in the southern invasion corridor?
    Zoltán CSABAI, Péter BORZA, Tomasz REWICZ, Bálint Pernecker, Balázs J BERTA and Arnold MÓRA
    Accepted: 14/01/2020
  • Development of a fish-based index for the assessment of the ecological status of Lake Balaton in the absence of present day reference condition
    András Specziár and Tibor Erős
    Accepted: 13/01/2020
  • Efficiency of Surber net under different substrate and flow conditions: insights for macroinvertebrates sampling and river biomonitoring
    Alberto Doretto, Tiziano Bo, Francesca Bona and Stefano Fenoglio
    Accepted: 13/01/2020
  • Is landscape of fear of macroinvertebrate communities a major determinant of mesopredator and prey activity?
    Raoul Manenti and Benedetta BARZAGHI
    Accepted: 30/12/2019
  • Impact of secondary salinisation on the structure and diversity of oligochaete communities
    Agnieszka SOWA and Mariola KRODKIEWSKA
    Accepted: 22/12/2019
  • Contrasting trends between species and catchments in diadromous fish counts over the last 30 years in France
    Marion LEGRAND, Cédric BRIAND, Laëtitia BUISSON, Gwenaël ARTUR, Didier AZAM, Aurore BAISEZ, David BARRACOU, Nicolas BOURRÉ, Laurent CARRY, Anne-Laure CAUDAL, Fabien CHARRIER, Jérémie CORRE, Eric CROGUENNEC, Sophie DER MIKAÉLIAN, Quentin JOSSET, Laëtitia LE GURUN, Frédéric SCHAEFFER and Pascal LAFFAILLE
    Accepted: 09/12/2019