Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems - Forthcoming

  • American eel state of buoyancy and barotrauma susceptibility associated with hydroturbine passage
    Brett D Pflugrath, Ryan A Harnish, Briana Rhode, Bernardo Do Vale Beirao, Kristin M Engbrecht, John R Stephenson and Alison H Colotelo
    Accepted: 19/03/2019
  • Assessment of the effects of wastewater treatment plant effluents on receiving streams using oligochaete communities of the porous matrix
    Régis Vivien, Michel Lafont, Inge Werner, Mélanie Laluc and Benoit J. D. Ferrari
    Accepted: 14/03/2019
  • Biotypology of stream macroinvertebrates from North African and semi arid catchment: Oued Za (Morocco)
    Youness Mabrouki, Abdelkhaleq Fouzi Taybi, Majida El Alami and Ali Berrahou
    Accepted: 04/03/2019
  • Current stocking program of the sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus, L.) can negatively shape its genetic variability in the Middle Danube
    Ladislav Pekárik, Zuzana Čiamporová-Zaťovičová, Darina Šípošová and Fedor Čiampor
    Accepted: 23/01/2019