Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems - Forthcoming

  • Effects of two subtropical piscivorous fish species on sediment disturbance and water quality: Implication for restoration by stocking piscivores
    Tian Qian, Hu He, Kuanyi Li, Chunlei Yue and Erik Jeppesen
    Accepted: 21/09/2023
  • Evaluation of a fine-spaced angled rack with surface bypass in providing safe and timely downstream passage for salmon smolts and silver eels
    Stéphane TETARD, Dominique COURRET, Laurence TISSOT, Sylvain RICHARD, Thierry LAGARRIGUE, Aurélien FREY, Vincent MATAIX, Olivier MERCIER and Sylvie TOMANOVA
    Accepted: 19/09/2023