Knowledge and management of aquatic ecosystems - Forthcoming

  • Physico-chemical thresholds in the distribution of fish species among French lakes
    Vincent Roubeix, Martin Daufresne, Christine Argillier, Julien Dublon, Anthony Maire, Delphine Nicolas, Jean-Claude Raymond and Pierre-Alain Danis
    Accepted: 13/08/2017
  • Erratum to: Changes in particulate organic matters and plankton populations in nature-like fishways: role of nature-like fish ways in water treatment
    Kwang-Hyeon Chang
    Accepted: 09/08/2017
  • Assessing the invasion potential of non-native branchiobdellidans: experimental studies of survival, reproduction and competition
    Joanna James, Kate E Davidson, Rhiannon Hunt and Jo Cable
    Accepted: 20/07/2017
  • The occurrence of branchiobdellidans on stone crayfish (Austropotamobius torrentium) in the Czech Republic
    Pavel Vlach, Lucie Šrámková, Kateřina Fialová and Klára Nováková
    Accepted: 17/07/2017
  • Slovak section of the Danube has its well-established breeding ground of marbled crayfish Procambarus fallax f. virginalis
    Boris Lipták, Michaela Mojžišová, Daniel Gruľa, Jana Christophoryová, Daniel Jablonski, Martin Bláha, Adam Petrusek and Antonín Kouba
    Accepted: 17/07/2017
  • SOM clustering of 21-year data of a small pristine boreal lake
    Ari Voutilainen and Lauri Arvola
    Accepted: 06/07/2017
  • Native and exotic fishes in a Patagonian reservoir with rainbow trout cage culture: spatial and trophic resource use
    Diego Nicolás Nabaes Jodar, Leandro Anibal Becker, Pedro Cordero, Guillermo Blasetti and Víctor Enrique Cussac
    Accepted: 29/06/2017
  • Filling the blank spot: first report on the freshwater crayfish distribution in Albania
    Agata Mrugała, Radek Šanda, Spase Shumka and Jasna Vukić
    Accepted: 20/06/2017
  • Heading south: new records of the invasive freshwater quagga mussel Dreissena rostriformis (Deshayes, 1838) in France and further perspectives
    Vincent Prié and Jean-François Fruget
    Accepted: 09/06/2017