Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems - Forthcoming

  • Factors Influencing Willingness to Pay for Wetland Ecosystems Conservation, A Contingent Valuation Study of Lake Victoria Ecosystem in Kenya
    Martin Mamboleo and Aggrey ADEM
    Accepted: 22/03/2023
  • Site-specific attachment of Anodonta anatina (Bivalvia: Unionidae) glochidia on two new fish hosts introduced in Lake Trasimeno (Italy)
    Harald Ahnelt, Tobias Leister, Luise Kruckenhauser, Michael Duda, Antonella Carosi and Massimo Lorenzoni
    Accepted: 05/03/2023
  • Genetic diversity management of sculpin (Cottus spp.) and brown trout (Salmo trutta) in the Palatinate Forest-North Vosges Biosphere Reserve
    Thomas Schmidt, Alban Cairault and Ralf Schulz
    Accepted: 11/02/2023
  • Population recovery and occurrence of the endemic Rhine sculpin (Cottus rhenanus)
    Pim Lemmers, Mark Groen, Ben Crombaghs, Rob Gubbels, Thomas de Krom, Frank van Langevelde, Gerard van der Velde and Rob Leuven
    Accepted: 10/02/2023
  • Corrigendum to “Mislabelling may explain why some prohibited invasive aquatic plants are still being sold in Belgium”
    Tom Van den Neucker and Kevin Scheers
    Accepted: 04/02/2023