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Preventing and controlling nonnative species invasions to bend the curve of global freshwater biodiversity loss

J. Robert Britton, Abigail J. Lynch, Helge Bardal, Stephanie J. Bradbeer, Julie A. Coetzee, Neil E. Coughlan, Tatenda Dalu, Elena Tricarico, Belinda Gallardo, Mark Lintermans, Frances Lucy, Chunlong Liu, Julian D. Olden, Rajeev Raghavan and Eleri G. Pritchard
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Biology, distribution, conservation status and stocking perspective of freshwater crayfish in Greece: An updated review

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Evaluating the Efficacy of Approaches to Control Invasive Populations: A Conceptual Model Development for the Signal Crayfish

Sandra Hudina, Ivana Maguire, Paula Dragičević and Nika Galic
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Medium‐term feasibility of the management of the invasive crayfish Procambarus clarkii with the sterile males release technique

Chiara Manfrin, Anita Giglio, Lorenzo Pallavicini, Lia Zampa, Lorenzo Vecchiet, Andrea Caputi, Cinzia Chiandetti, Aulo Beorchia, Rossella Vidimari and Piero G Giulianini
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Money Kills Native Ecosystems: European Crayfish as an Example

Japo Jussila, Lennart Edsman, Ivana Maguire, Javier Diéguez-Uribeondo and Kathrin Theissinger
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9 (2021)

A review of the use of physical barriers to stop the spread of non-indigenous crayfish species

Raphael Krieg and Armin Zenker
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Traps and netting, better together than alone: an innovative approach to improve Procambarus clarkii management

Juan García-de-Lomas, Elías D. Dana and Rubén González
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Measures to Control Invasive Crayfish Species in Switzerland: A Success Story?

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Acute toxicity of two pyrethroid insecticides for five non-indigenous crayfish species in Europe

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Nanopesticide based on botanical insecticide pyrethrum and its potential effects on honeybees

Cristiane R. Oliveira, Caio E.C. Domingues, Nathalie F.S. de Melo, et al.
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Biocide Treatment of Invasive Signal Crayfish: Successes, Failures and Lessons Learned

Stephanie Peay, Stein Johnsen, Colin Bean, et al.
Diversity 11 (3) 29 (2019)

Detection and Control of Invasive Freshwater Crayfish: From Traditional to Innovative Methods

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Oxygen Depletion Affects Kinematics and Shoaling Cohesion of Cyprinid Fish

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Development of PVC Dispensers for Long-Lasting Release of Attractants for the Control of Invasive Crayfish Populations

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The behavioural response of the invasive signal crayfishPacifastacus leniusculusto experimental dewatering of burrows and its implications for eradication treatment and management of ponds with crayfish

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Characteristics and movement patterns of a recently established invasivePacifastacus leniusculuspopulation in the river Mura, Croatia

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A review of the ever increasing threat to European crayfish from non-indigenous crayfish species

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Managing invasive crayfish: use of X‐ray sterilisation of males

Freshwater Biology 54 (7) 1510 (2009)