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Current limitations of the stone crayfish distribution in Romania: Implications for its conservation status

Lucian Pârvulescu and Claudia Zaharia
Limnologica 43 (3) 143 (2013)
DOI: 10.1016/j.limno.2012.07.008
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Prevalence of the Crayfish Plague PathogenAphanomyces astaciin Invasive American Crayfishes in the Czech Republic

Conservation Biology 23 (5) 1204 (2009)
DOI: 10.1111/j.1523-1739.2009.01240.x
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Allozyme variation in Czech populations of the invasive spiny-cheek crayfishOrconectes limosus(Cambaridae)

L. Filipová, E. Kozubíková and A. Petrusek
Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems (394-395) 10 (2009)
DOI: 10.1051/kmae/2009024
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Recent distribution, population densities and ecological requirements of the stone crayfish (Austropotamobius torrentium) in the Czech Republic

P. Vlach, L. Hulec and D. Fischer
Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems (394-395) 13 (2009)
DOI: 10.1051/kmae/2010005
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A review of the ever increasing threat to European crayfish from non-indigenous crayfish species

D.M. Holdich, J.D. Reynolds, C. Souty-Grosset and P.J. Sibley
Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems (394-395) 11 (2009)
DOI: 10.1051/kmae/2009025
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First record of the stone crayfish in the Romanian lowlands

Marius-Ioan Groza, Diana Cupșa, Leona Lovrenčić and Ivana Maguire
Knowledge & Management of Aquatic Ecosystems (422) 27 (2021)
DOI: 10.1051/kmae/2021026
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Females bet on the known: crayfish females recognize and prefer males from familiar population, males are not picky

Jan Kubec, Antonin Kouba, Pavel Kozák and Miloš Buřič
Hydrobiologia 842 (1) 31 (2019)
DOI: 10.1007/s10750-019-04024-z
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Microsatellite markers for direct genotyping of the crayfish plague pathogen Aphanomyces astaci (Oomycetes) from infected host tissues

Frédéric Grandjean, Trude Vrålstad, Javier Diéguez-Uribeondo, et al.
Veterinary Microbiology 170 (3-4) 317 (2014)
DOI: 10.1016/j.vetmic.2014.02.020
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Spring mating period in Orconectes limosus: the reason for movement

Miloš Buřič, Antonín Kouba and Pavel Kozák
Aquatic Sciences 71 (4) 473 (2009)
DOI: 10.1007/s00027-009-0102-6
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The Extirpation ofOrconectes limosus(Spinycheek Crayfish) Populations in West Virginia

Casey D. Swecker, Thomas G. Jones, Keith Donahue, Derek McKinney and Geoffrey D. Smith
Southeastern Naturalist 9 (sp3) 155 (2010)
DOI: 10.1656/058.009.s306
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Flash-flood potential: a proxy for crayfish habitat stability

Lucian Pârvulescu, Claudia Zaharia, Marius-Ioan Groza, et al.
Ecohydrology 9 (8) 1507 (2016)
DOI: 10.1002/eco.1744
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Status and recovery of indigenous crayfish populations after recent crayfish plague outbreaks in the Czech Republic

E. Kozubíková-Balcarová, L. Beran, Z. Ďuriš, et al.
Ethology Ecology & Evolution 26 (2-3) 299 (2014)
DOI: 10.1080/03949370.2014.897652
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Molecular detection and genotyping of Aphanomyces astaci directly from preserved crayfish samples uncovers the Norwegian crayfish plague disease history

Trude Vrålstad, David A. Strand, Frédéric Grandjean, et al.
Veterinary Microbiology 173 (1-2) 66 (2014)
DOI: 10.1016/j.vetmic.2014.07.008
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The old menace is back: Recent crayfish plague outbreaks in the Czech Republic

E. Kozubíková, A. Petrusek, Z. Ďuriš, et al.
Aquaculture 274 (2-4) 208 (2008)
DOI: 10.1016/j.aquaculture.2007.11.015
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Artificial incubation of noble crayfish (Astacus astacus) eggs in a partially recirculating system using formaldehyde as an antifungal treatment

Antonín Kouba, José Manuel Carral, Miloš Buřič, et al.
Aquaculture Research no (2010)
DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2109.2010.02569.x
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Haplotype variation in the spiny-cheek crayfishOrconectes limosus: colonization of Europe and genetic diversity of native stocks

Lenka Filipová, David A. Lieb, Frédéric Grandjean and Adam Petrusek
Journal of the North American Benthological Society 30 (4) 871 (2011)
DOI: 10.1899/10-130.1
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Species-specific pattern of crayfish distribution within a river network relates to habitat degradation: implications for conservation

Kateřina Římalová, Karel Douda and Monika Štambergová
Biodiversity and Conservation 23 (13) 3301 (2014)
DOI: 10.1007/s10531-014-0784-5
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Invasive crayfish and crayfish plague on the move: first detection of the plague agent Aphanomyces astaci in the Romanian Danube

L Pârvulescu, A Schrimpf, E Kozubíková, et al.
Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 98 (1) 85 (2012)
DOI: 10.3354/dao02432
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Xenodiversity of decapod species (Crustaceea: Decapoda: Reptantia) from the Romanian waters

Ana-Maria Petrescu, Ana-Maria Krapal, Oana Popa, Elena Iorgu and Luis Popa
Travaux du Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle "Grigore Antipa" 53 (1) 91 (2010)
DOI: 10.2478/v10191-010-0006-7
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Invasive zebra mussel colonisation of invasive crayfish: a case study

Zdeněk Ďuriš, Ivona Horká and Adam Petrusek
Hydrobiologia 590 (1) 43 (2007)
DOI: 10.1007/s10750-007-0755-x
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The effect of inter- and intra-specific competition on survival and growth rate of native juvenile noble crayfish Astacus astacus and alien spiny-cheek crayfish Orconectes limosus

Pavel Kozák, Miloš Buřič, Tomáš Policar, Jitka Hamáčková and Andrea Lepičová
Hydrobiologia 590 (1) 85 (2007)
DOI: 10.1007/s10750-007-0760-0
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Temporal variation in the prevalence of the crayfish plague pathogen,Aphanomyces astaci, in three Czech spiny-cheek crayfish populations

K. Matasová, E. Kozubíková, J. Svoboda, V. Jarošík and A. PetruseK
Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems (401) 14 (2011)
DOI: 10.1051/kmae/2011029
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The diet of the spiny-cheek crayfish Orconectes limosus in the Czech Republic

Renata Vojkovská, Ivona Horká and Zdeněk Ďuriš
Central European Journal of Biology 9 (1) 58 (2014)
DOI: 10.2478/s11535-013-0189-y
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Preliminary Data on the Ecological Requirements of the Invasive Spiny-Cheek Crayfish in the Lower Danube

Mălina Pîrvu and Angheluţă Vădineanu
Transylvanian Review of Systematical and Ecological Research 16 (3) 139 (2014)
DOI: 10.1515/trser-2015-0038
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Crayfish in Czech cultural space: the longest documented relationship between humans and crayfish in Europe

J. Patoka, B. Kocánová and L. Kalous
Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems (417) 5 (2016)
DOI: 10.1051/kmae/2015038
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Invasive American crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus (Decapoda: Astacidae) in the Morava River (Slovakia)

Adam Petrusek and Tereza Petrusková
Biologia 62 (3) 356 (2007)
DOI: 10.2478/s11756-007-0059-7
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Crayfish plague pathogen in invasive North American crayfish species in Hungary

E Kozubíková, M Puky, P Kiszely and A Petrusek
Journal of Fish Diseases 33 (11) 925 (2010)
DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2761.2010.01199.x
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Cross-species amplification of microsatellite markers in the invasive spiny-cheek crayfish (Orconectes limosus): Assessment and application

M. Hulák, V. Kašpar, P. Kozák, et al.
Journal of Applied Genetics 51 (1) 73 (2010)
DOI: 10.1007/BF03195713
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Temporal dynamics of spore release of the crayfish plague pathogen from its natural host, American spiny-cheek crayfish (Orconectes limosus), evaluated by transmission experiments

Parasitology 140 (6) 792 (2013)
DOI: 10.1017/S0031182012002223
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Patterning the distribution of threatened crayfish and their exotic analogues using self-organizing maps

Environmental Conservation 37 (2) 147 (2010)
DOI: 10.1017/S0376892910000378
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Simultaneous detection of native and invasive crayfish and Aphanomyces astaci from environmental DNA samples in a wide range of habitats in Central Europe

Johannes C. Rusch, Michaela Mojžišová, David A. Strand, et al.
NeoBiota 58 1 (2020)
DOI: 10.3897/neobiota.58.49358
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A review of the use of physical barriers to stop the spread of non-indigenous crayfish species

Raphael Krieg and Armin Zenker
Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 30 (3) 423 (2020)
DOI: 10.1007/s11160-020-09606-y
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