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On the conservation of white-clawed crayfish in the Iberian Peninsula: Unraveling its genetic diversity and structure, and origin

María Martínez-Ríos, Laura Martín-Torrijos, Gloria Casabella-Herrero, Perla Tedesco, Annie Machordom, Javier Diéguez-Uribeondo and Benigno Elvira
PLOS ONE 18 (10) e0292679 (2023)

Phylogeographic patterns of genetic diversity in Pontastacus leptodactylus (Decapoda: Astacidae): is the hypothesis of the taxonomically rich genus Pontastacus true?

Martin Bláha, Jiří Patoka, Tomáš Policar, Karolina Śliwińska, Anatoly Alekhnovich, Nadezhda Berezina, Ana-Maria Petrescu, Levan Mumladze, András Weiperth, Mišel Jelic, Pavel Kozák and Ivana Maguire
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 199 (1) 140 (2023)

Observations on the Morphology of Museum Specimens of the European Astacidae: Austropotamobius fulcisianus (Ninni, 1886) and Austropotamobius torrentium (von Paula Schrank, 1803) (Crustacea: Decapoda)

Tadashi Kawai, Gianna Innocenti and Elena Tricarico
Freshwater Crayfish 28 (1) 45 (2023)

Morphological Observation of Museum Specimens of Astacus astacus and Pontastacus leptodactylus

Tadashi Kawai and Jiří Patoka
Freshwater Crayfish 27 (1) 49 (2022)

Niche modelling to guide conservation actions in France for the endangered crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes in relation to the invasive Pacifastacus leniusculus

Clémentine Préau, Iris Nadeau, Yann Sellier, Francis Isselin‐Nondedeu, Romain Bertrand, Marc Collas, César Capinha and Frédéric Grandjean
Freshwater Biology 65 (2) 304 (2020)

Introducing a new Austropotamobius crayfish species (Crustacea, Decapoda, Astacidae): A Miocene endemism of the Apuseni Mountains, Romania

Lucian Pârvulescu
Zoologischer Anzeiger 279 94 (2019)

Filling the blank spot: first report on the freshwater crayfish distribution in Albania

Agata Mrugała, Radek Šanda, Spase Shumka and Jasna Vukić
Knowledge & Management of Aquatic Ecosystems (418) 34 (2017)

Habitat use by the endangered white-clawed crayfishAustropotamobiusspecies complex: a systematic review

Paula J. Rosewarne, Robert J.G. Mortimer and Alison M. Dunn
Knowledge & Management of Aquatic Ecosystems (418) 4 (2017)

A Global Overview of the Conservation of Freshwater Decapod Crustaceans

Tadashi Kawai and Keith A. Crandall
A Global Overview of the Conservation of Freshwater Decapod Crustaceans 65 (2016)

Interdisciplinarity to reconstruct historical introductions: solving the status of cryptogenic crayfish

Miguel Clavero, Carlos Nores, Susanne Kubersky‐Piredda and Alejandro Centeno‐Cuadros
Biological Reviews 91 (4) 1036 (2016)

Update of genetic information for the white-clawed crayfish in Spain, with new insights into its population genetics and origin

B. Matallanas, M. D. Ochando, F. Alonso and C. Callejas
Organisms Diversity & Evolution 16 (3) 533 (2016)

Phylogeography and limited distribution of the endangered freshwater crayfish, Euastacus urospinosus

Charlotte R. Hurry, Daniel J. Schmidt and Jane M. Hughes
Australian Journal of Zoology 63 (4) 236 (2015)

Conservation strategy for the endangered crayfish species of the family Astacidae: the ESHIPPO crayfish model

Vladica Simić, Ivana Maguire, Milka Rajković and Ana Petrović
Hydrobiologia 760 (1) 1 (2015)

First record of an introduced population of the southern lineage of white-clawed crayfish (Austropotamobius ‘italicus’) north of the Alps

C. Chucholl, A. Mrugała and A. Petrusek
Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems (416) 10 (2015)

Water chemistry and endangered white-clawed Crayfish: a literature review and field study of water chemistry association inAustropotamobius pallipes

N.R. Haddaway, R.J.G. Mortimer, M. Christmas and A.M. Dunn
Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems (416) 01 (2015)

Ephemeroptera communities as bioindicators of the suitability of headwater streams for restocking with white-clawed crayfish, Austropotamobius pallipes

Joelle Jandry, Michel Brulin, Bernard Parinet and Frédéric Grandjean
Ecological Indicators 46 560 (2014)

Two distinct evolutionary lineages of the Astacus leptodactylus species-complex (Decapoda : Astacidae) inferred by phylogenetic analyses

Ivana Maguire, Martina Podnar, Mišel Jelić, et al.
Invertebrate Systematics 28 (2) 117 (2014)

Continental-wide distribution of crayfish species in Europe: update and maps

A. Kouba, A. Petrusek and P. Kozák
Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems (413) 05 (2014)

Ecotoxicological assessment of the impact of nitrate (NO3¯) on the European endangered white-clawed crayfish Austropotamobius italicus (Faxon)

Alfonso Benítez-Mora, Arantxa Aguirre-Sierra, Álvaro Alonso and Julio A. Camargo
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 101 220 (2014)

Phylogeography of noble crayfish (Astacus astacus) reveals multiple refugia

Anne Schrimpf, Kathrin Theissinger, Jenifer Dahlem, Ivana Maguire, Lucian Pârvulescu, Holger K. Schulz and Ralf Schulz
Freshwater Biology 59 (4) 761 (2014)

Solving alpha‐diversity by morphological markers contributes to arranging the systematic status of a crayfish species complex (Crustacea, Decapoda)

Massimiliano Scalici and Raffaella Bravi
Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research 50 (2) 89 (2012)

Fine-scale genetic structure, phylogeny and systematics of threatened crayfish species complex

S. Chiesa, M. Scalici, R. Negrini, G. Gibertini and F. Nonnis Marzano
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 61 (1) 1 (2011)

The endangered white-clawed crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes (Decapoda, Astacidae) east and west of the Maritime Alps: a result of human translocation?

Fabrizio Stefani, Serena Zaccara, Giovanni B. Delmastro and Michela Buscarino
Conservation Genetics 12 (1) 51 (2011)

Reproduction in the threatened crayfishAustropotamobius pallipes(Decapoda, Astacidae) in the Licenza brook basin (central Italy)

M. Scalici and G. Gibertini
Italian Journal of Zoology 78 (2) 198 (2011)

Allometry in the ontogenesis ofAustropotamobius pallipesspecies complex (Decapoda: Astacidae): The use of geometric morphometrics

M. Scalici, D. Macale and G. Gibertini
Italian Journal of Zoology 77 (3) 296 (2010)

Mitochondrial DNA structure of the Iberian populations of the white-clawed crayfish, Austropotamobius italicus italicus (Faxon, 1914)

Carlos Pedraza-Lara, Fernando Alda, Salvador Carranza and Ignacio Doadrio
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 57 (1) 327 (2010)

Sexual dimorphism and ontogenetic variation in the carapace ofA. pallipes(Lereboullet, 1858)

M. Scalici and G. Gibertini
Italian Journal of Zoology 76 (2) 179 (2009)

Monitoring crayfish using a mark-recapture method: potentials, recommendations, and limitations

Piotr Nowicki, Tina Tirelli, Rocco Mussat Sartor, Francesca Bona and Daniela Pessani
Biodiversity and Conservation 17 (14) 3513 (2008)

Genetic structure of Spanish white‐clawed crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes) populations as determined by RAPD analysis: reasons for optimism

B. Beroiz, C. Callejas, F. Alonso and M.D. Ochando
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 18 (2) 190 (2008)

Low genetic variability of the white‐clawed crayfish in the Iberian Peninsula: its origin and management implications

Javier Diéguez‐Uribeondo, Félix Royo, Catherine Souty‐Grosset, Anne Ropiquet and Frédéric Grandjean
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 18 (1) 19 (2008)

Morphometrical characterization of theAustropotamobius pallipesspecies complex

Silvia Bertocchi, Sara Brusconi, Francesca Gherardi, Antonella Buccianti and Massimiliano Scalici
Journal of Natural History 42 (31-32) 2063 (2008)

Conserving indigenous crayfish: stock assessment and habitat requirements in the threatened Austropotamobius italicus

Sara Brusconi, Silvia Bertocchi, Barbara Renai, Massimiliano Scalici, Catherine Souty‐Grosset and Francesca Gherardi
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 18 (7) 1227 (2008)

Feeding habits of the crayfishAustropotamobius pallipes(Decapoda, Astacidae) in a brook in Latium (central Italy)

M. Scalici and G. Gibertini
Italian Journal of Zoology 74 (2) 157 (2007)

The Decline of the Endangered Populations of the Native Freshwater Crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes) in Southern Spain: It is Possible to Avoid Extinction?

Jose María Gil-Sánchez and Javier Alba-Tercedor
Hydrobiologia 559 (1) 113 (2006)

Tolerance of Three European Native Species of Crayfish to Hypoxia

Andréanne Demers, Catherine Souty-Grosset, Marie-Cécile Trouilhé, et al.
Hydrobiologia 560 (1) 425 (2006)

Phylogenetic and phylogeographic relationships in the crayfish genus Austropotamobius inferred from mitochondrial COI gene sequences

Peter Trontelj, Yoichi Machino and Boris Sket
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 34 (1) 212 (2005)

Phylogeography of the threatened crayfish (genus Austropotamobius) in Italy: implications for its taxonomy and conservation

S Fratini, S Zaccara, S Barbaresi, et al.
Heredity 94 (1) 108 (2005)

Diversity of mitochondrial DNA of the endangered white‐clawed crayfish (Austropotamobius italicus) in the Po River catchment

Freshwater Biology 50 (7) 1262 (2005)

Phylogeography of the freshwater crayfish Cherax destructor Clark (Parastacidae) in inland Australia: historical fragmentation and recent range expansion

Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 83 (4) 539 (2004)

Taxonomic implications in conservation management of white-clawed crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes) (Decapoda, Astacidae) in Northern Italy

S Zaccara, F Stefani, P Galli, P.A Nardi and G Crosa
Biological Conservation 120 (1) 1 (2004)